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Windfall Planning

Windfall – noun – A sudden, unexpected piece of good

fortune or personal gain; an unexpected profit or gain;

a sudden opportunity to make money; the receipt of a

sum of money that is much larger than you are

accustomed to handling.

Sources of Windfalls

Retirement lump-sum payouts


Insurance settlements

Lottery winnings

Sale of a business

Stock options

Large employments contracts

Divorce settlements

Many of these windfalls are accompanied by major life changing events and, oftentimes, with a variety of emotions. Our mission is to help you transition your windfall into your life. Our approach can be summarized as follows:

First, we gain an understanding of what you want, or need, to accomplish with this money.

We then set out to create a framework from which you can make informed decisions about this money. Some of these windfalls come with mixed emotions; such as a divorce settlement or an inheritance. Creating a decision-making framework allows these emotions to have their place, but not be the sole basis for your future choices.

A common question is how will this windfall affect my life and my lifestyle? We answer this question by seeing where you are today and learning about where you want to be the in the future. We then design a roadmap for how to get there. This process puts you in control of your money, rather than having the money control you.

Once the roadmap is complete, we set out to help you implement the plan. The objective is to make this money fit into your life.

We bring our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of financial planning, investment management and taxation to every engagement, providing you with the most comprehensive Windfall Planning services available.